A well-managed collection operation can contribute significantly to the bottom line of a consumer lender. PMA works with in-house and third party collection agencies, defining collection policy, testing alternative strategies, and tracking and interpreting results. Our approach is unique; based on our ability to process and manage complex transactional collection data and rigorously link strategic and operational efficiency to profit improvement.

View Interactive ReportsMost collection systems do not provide the account tracking or reporting necessary for effective collection strategy management. To overcome these limitations, PMA offers collection information management solutions. Our proprietary software allows us to capture detailed collection activity on all accounts. When merged with contact, promise and payment data, the resulting database provides a powerful tool for analyzing the effectiveness of various collections strategies, defining the "next-best-action" and developing targeted collection scoring systems.

We provide detailed monthly performance tracking reports that directly link the collection actions taken (e.g., calls, letters, skip trace, etc.), and their effectiveness (e.g., right party contacts, promises and payments) to the dollars collected and the profit generated for each collection segment.

Using these reports managers can quickly and easily compare month-by-month performance for various strategies to determine which strategy is most effective, and assess performance against targets. All reports are provided in Microsoft Excel format. The spreadsheets, which include proprietary PMA functionality, allow managers and analysts to further analyze results and prepare graphs and presentations.

As part of our full service information management solution, we assist collection managers construct statistically sound test and control based strategies and interpret monthly results.