Information Management

Business managers frequently are limited by weak or unavailable portfolio reporting. Many portfolio managers receive a variety of ad-hoc reports on a need-to-have basis but can't rely on a consistent and comprehensive set of monthly reports to use as a portfolio management tool. PMA/Portfolio Monitor - our information management solution - helps overcome these limitations.

We transform your master file and other customer data into custom-tailored reports that clearly identify important and actionable trends in your business. As your business needs change, we respond quickly to ensure you have the necessary information to manage.

Each month we deliver a report package with detailed performance reports, delinquency matrices, and any custom-designed reports for each segment tracked. The reports allow business analysts or portfolio managers to monitor, graph and present intra and inter-segment performance over time easily.

Here are some of the features that have made our service an essential portfolio management tool for our clients:

  • Comprehensive Information: We provide comprehensive monthly portfolio reports that link key customer behaviors directly to the portfolio's profitability, for virtually any segment of your business.
  • Superior Flexibility: Our system is designed to accommodate continual change. The tracked portfolio segments and behaviors are customized to your needs and can be modified and updated quickly, as needed.
  • Fast Implementation: No systems investment is necessary. We receive raw data directly from your A/R and other processing systems (we can handle all major platforms including TSYS, First Data Resources, as well as custom platforms). Our service complements and enhances your IS department's performance, without impacting their resources. Most clients receive their first set of reports within 90 days of sign-up.
  • Cost-effectiveness: The cost of this monthly service is minimal compared to the cost of providing the service internally.