Information Management

Tracking reports from PMA/Portfolio Monitor are customized to meet the needs of specific businesses. Our service supports reporting templates specifically designed for revolving products (e.g., credit cards, home-equity lines/loans) installment products (auto loans/leases, personal loans, mortgages, etc.) and insurance products.

The samples below describe the key features of our tracking reports and illustrate how our tracking and reporting service empowers management with remarkable analytic and decision-making capabilities.

Portfolio Time Series ReportPortfolio and Collection Time Series Report

Segment time-series reports present a full picture of a portfolio segment's performance over time. The report links key behavioral drivers to profitability over time so management knows not only what is happening, but why. In addition, the report links collection actions and their results to profitability over time.

Delinquency Matrix (DM) ReportDelinquency Matrix (DM) Report

The delinquency matrix (DM) report presents the movement in the portfolio among various delinquency levels. The report provides insight about portfolio health and collection effectiveness.