Strategic Credit Risk Consulting

Portfolio Review and Best Practices

Our independent third-party review of your portfolio's health and your business' policies and practices ensures that appropriate policies are in place for predictable performance. Understanding how policies and practices compare with the best in your industry can improve profits and provide organizational focus. Equally important, understanding how your portfolio management policies and practices work together to achieve your organization's goals can avoid costly policy conflicts.

Our professional team works with your management team to understand and review existing policies and practices. Linking the qualitative information obtained from management interviews and site visits with quantitative client data, we relate and assess the effectiveness of the existing policies to achieve their specific business purpose. Where appropriate, we recommend specific policy changes and assess their impact on business performance.

Product Launch

PMA has a proven and successful track record helping clients design and launch new products. Our approach to prospect targeting is empirical - our recommendations are based on actual data, not subjective or wishful forecasts. PMA's innovative methodology derives from our ability to integrate a variety of key, multi-period data sources (e.g. credit bureau data) for individual prospects and evaluate the data within a rigorous profit-based framework.

By integrating and analyzing comprehensive prospect data, we assist our clients to define potential target groups, and more importantly, estimate how these groups will perform over time. As a result, new products are launched with greater predictability, higher profits, and less risk.

Outsourced Credit Management

Outsourced Credit Management is a cost effective solution for organizations seeking to supplement their in-house credit management capabilities. Our consultants can step in and serve as an adjunct to your own organization on either an ongoing or temporary basis.

Through this service you have access to a team of professionals with decades of proven experience in credit management - at a fraction of the cost required to hire, train and maintain an equivalent staff internally. PMA's time-tested methods provide you with strategies to manage your portfolio more profitably. In addition, PMA's flexible and fast reporting system allows our team of consultants to respond promptly to risks or opportunities that arise in your portfolio.

Credit Policy Development

Sound credit policies and a clear understanding of how these policies affect revenues and profits are key drivers of success.

PMA utilizes proven techniques to evaluate and refine your risk policies and determine how they affect losses, revenues and profit. We can provide policy recommendations for all phases of the credit life cycle - from account acquisition through collection. Our approach to policy development is both qualitative and quantitative, relying on a rigorous examination of the business historical performance data, a focus on the business goals, and our experience in consumer and small business credit policy.