Credit Management Seminars

Consumer Credit: Managing Risk and Reward

A comprehensive three-day program Consumer Credit: Managing Risk and Reward, teaches the fundamentals of managing consumer credit. Lectures, exercises and a computer-based, profit modeling simulation are used to teach the principals of the consumer lending business. The program is run by Solomon-Lawrence Partners

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Credit Loss Forecasting Seminar

PMA's Credit Loss Forecasting Seminar is a thorough two-day program that teaches practical approaches and techniques to produce credit loss forecasts.

The program introduces and illustrates alternative approaches to forecasting, identifies forecasting challenges and proposes ways to address them. The seminar consists of lecture- discussions, sample forecast case studies and team exercises to solve real forecasting problems. Discussion topics include:

  • Data collection and organization
  • Forecasting techniques
  • Customer behavior issues
  • Portfolio segmentation
  • Problem situations

This is a "hands-on" program that involves extensive work with data. A basic understanding of statistics and Microsoft Excel is recommended.

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Self-instructional CD-ROM

Introduction to Scoring

Introduction to Scoring is a CD-ROM based program, developed jointly with Solomon-Lawrence Partners, which provides interactive audio-visual lessons on scoring.

The program teaches the business uses of scoring as well as how scoring systems are developed, validated, and monitored. 

Introduction to scoring has been designed to meet a wide range of needs, from the individual who wants to delve deeply into the subject matter to the person whose need-to-know requirements are more limited in scope; the student selects the subjects s/he wishes to cover. The program allows students to work on the program in the privacy of their office or home, and to learn at their own pace. 

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Custom Training

PMA consultants are available to provide custom training on strategic and tactical phases of the consumer credit portfolio life-cycle (including scoring system development, forecasting, portfolio tracking and diagnostics,etc.).